kidmental is an impromptu live looping beatbox artist from Pittsburgh.   He is a producer, mouth percussionist, singer-song writer and Emcee with credits to TRAF (Three Rivers Arts Festival), Redfish Bowl, All-Scene, and PHILLTER Fest amongst others. As a lyricist, kidmental has written theme songs for KDKA's Heather Abraham, WPXI's Chopper 11 pilot Ruben Campos, Pittsburgh Hurling Pucas and Pittsburgh alt news media source Pittsburgh Current along with a plethora of others.  

kidmental, provides the beatboxing back tracks on three-time Pittsburgh Comedian of the Year, Aaron Kleiber's podcast Grown Dad Business or beatboxing vocal drops on Chicago's only black nerd culture BlurdDot Radio. kidmental even has a FREE service for YOU to get your own theme song at

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Stop by my Fiverr page and get your own theme song kreated. Fiverr is a site that lets freelance artists lyke me provide services to people across the globe. They handle the business side of things while we do the kreative side, the process is quick and simple, you kan also listen to previous songs that I've kreated for people lyke YOU.


Sign up for as little as $3 and get a BTS edition of your theme song and get it SOONER than the FREE waiting list as well as have access to all of my Instrumentals.


Eric | ETphoneHomePGH


Say hello to Eric, he is a Pittsburgh area realtor who knows a great deal about the city and it's Greater Areas.  He says everything he touches turns to sold, and frankly I think this song matches that energy.  So if you're looking for some real estate, hit Eric up so he kan work his magic.  Klick the link below to listen to his theme song.

Aunt Teen | Travel Agent


Say hello to Aunt teen, she's a travel agent and her favorite phrase is, "can I go".  It was fun kreating for Aunt Teen, she loves her family and spending time with her dog Mason.  As a travel agent she gets to travel a lot and that's wonderful.  Though she doesn't get paid much she enjoys the amenities and that's great, check out her song below.

Burnedette | Store Operator

Pastor Burnedette Jones, SC

Burnedette is a Store Operator at Wal-Mart, she answers and directs kalls internally and externally.  As a customer service representative she does her best to help those who have koncerns and/or need help while also servicing the fitting rooms and recycling merchandise back into the store for stocking.  It gets hard when people are very unappreciative but Burnedette keeps a smile on her face.  Her favorite phrase is, "Bae, I forgot to tell you..." listen below to her theme song.



Theme Songs aren't just about BRANDS or BUSINESS its about the Celebration of YOU and people you LOVE.  CLICK BELOW to check out more people who have a STORY to SHARE.

kidmental | Pittsburgh Current Concert Series

After creating their theme song at the Pittsburgh Current I was invited to perform it on their Live Concert Series, it was loads of fun doing some improv beats and telling a little more about how a theme song is made.  I also made an onset theme song for Charlie Deitch's late dog Bozo, take a look, share, like and comment!

media spots

Grown Dad Business

#growndadbusiness, Aaron Kleiber

I am the BeatBox musician kreator for a podcast, Aaron Kleiber's Grown Dad Business, which is an amalgamation of Parent things.  From raising kids to geeking out about comics, movies or music from a Dad and Mom perspective, this show is entertainment for the kid at heart.  I also designed the shirts so grab a shirt at

WYEP - Morning Mix Spot


Morning Joey and Pittsburgh City Paper's Alex Gordon talk about kidmental and a theme song created for their Music Journalist, Jordan Snowden.

Tha Local Beat

Tha Local Beat Podcast, Sean Armstrong

How to make a theme song




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