Natalie | Bunches (Sunflower)


Frank, Natalie's husband, reached out to me because he wanted to do something extraordinary for his wife Natalie.  It was her birthday and they have been married for quite some time, this was his first venture into planning a party.  As a gift to his sunflower, he asked me to create I song that celebrates her, not only did I create the song but I was able to perform it for her as well.  

Solo | Alumni Theater Company


Solo is an actor, writer, artist, rapper, poet and dancer who works at the Alumni Theater Company.  His favorite phrase is "Come on!" and he's serious about making his mark in the Arts and Music World.  Check out his theme song below.

Brian Funk | Storm Water Manager


Brian is a Naturalist and a StormWater Manager.  He Terraforms and plants native habitat for Pittsburgh locals and helps recycle rain water to create sustainable ecosystems.  Check out his song below.

Stephanie | Stephanie Smith TV Show

Stephanie Smith, Stephanie Smith TV Show

Say hello to Stephanie Smith.  She is the host, creator and producer of The Stephanie Smith TV Show.  You kan watch her broadcast on PCTV Channels 21 & 47 at 10 PM which has been airing for 15 years!  Her slogan is "Good Things", be on the lookout for more good things to kome on her television show and check out her song below.

Burnedette | Store Operator

Pastor Burnedette Jones, SC

Burnedette is a Store Operator at Wal-Mart, she answers and directs kalls internally and externally.  As a customer service representative she does her best to help those who have koncerns and/or need help while also servicing the fitting rooms and recycling merchandise back into the store for stocking.  It gets hard when people are very unappreciative but Burnedette keeps a smile on her face.  Her favorite phrase is, "Bae, I forgot to tell you..." listen below to her theme song.

Amanda | Hobbspodgerie


Amanda, as a self-motivated entrepreneur dibbles and  dabbles in a bit of everything, hence her company's name, Hobbspodgerie.  From delivering groceries or people with rideshares to selling essential oils, photography or what other talent she has to offer, she does quite the lot of work to make ends meet.  Check out her YouTube page, http://www.YouTube.com/shtrdglassheart to take a glimpse into her world!  Click the link below to listen to her customized song!

Lila | Horizontal with Lila

Horizontal with Lila

Lila is a Podcast host who kreates an intimate environment for her and her guests to share meaningful relationship konversations.  I suggest you check her out at www.horizontalwithlila.com and click below for her remixed theme song by yours truly!

Pittsburgh Current | Charlie Deitch


As the Editor-In-Chief Charlie suggested that I create a theme song to represent the Alt-News Media Publication.  Of course I was thrilled to lend my services to the fast rising Pittsburgh Current and now the song is featured on their Live Streaming Podcast.  I am so grateful for the opportunity.  Check out the song below.

C.R.E.A.M. | Children Rule Everything Around Me

Grown dad Business, growndadbusiness, cream, baby Wu, wubaby wutang, Wu tang

Shallegra Moye | Site Coordinator

Shallegra Moye, Site Coordinator, myjobthemesong59

Shallegra is a Site Coordinator who's job is to remove the barriers of learning by providing material assets to students and families and/or connecting them with further resources, mentoring as well as coaching students, and managing provider relationships within the school.  Her students are her motivators and her mantra is, Excellence is a Standard and the Standard "is" the Standard.  Such a beautiful way to live vicariously through her Scholars, check her song below

Tamala | Gold Roze Clothing Company


Tamala, founded a brand that embraced all of the things she loved.  A company structured by her adoration for dance, hip hop, rap, shoes and fashion turned from a dream into a reality.  Gold Roze Clothing Company is a brand that concentrates on adult as well as youth apparel.  Her slogan, "Everything that glitters it ain't Gold Roze", captivates her unique style and take on fashion, take a peak at the Gold Roze Fashion Line and check out her song below.

Dr Jerome A Jones Sr | Issachar Solutions

Dr Jerome A Jones Sr, Issachar Solutions, myjobthemesong5

Dr. Jerome A Jones, Sr. is the founder of Issachar Solutions a company that provides consultancy for businesses of sorts.  Jerome's positive outlook on life emits an optimistic servitude that powers Issachar Solutions.  Check our his theme song below.

Suraj Lochan | Tiger Road Performance


Suraj, is a Dent Repair Specialist and an Automotive Mechanic, if your car is worth 6 to 7 figures you can bet that he's the man for the job.  Seemlessly repairing body work is more than an art form it takes an aficionado to do it correctly.   You can check out his repair game on his Instagram page.  Suraj is the owner of Tiger Road Performance where he builds race cars, he truly is a connoisseur of high performance Automotives.

Sarah | A KeepSake: Joshua & Jacob


Remembering Sarah with a keepsake for Joshua & Jacob.  I believe there are a plethora of ways to cope with the loss of a loved one, some find it through new friendships, some through reminiscing about good memories.   When Joshua and Jacob lost their mother their Grandmother suggested to celebrate her in a different way to help with their recent loss; a celebration. This theme song was created as a joyest recollection of memories that will be a reminder of LOVE as they adjust through this new journey.

Nilit Muley | Manufacturing Engineer


Nilit is a Manufacturing Engineer at Fenix International.  He sets up the manufacturing line for Fenix who provides solar-powered home lighting in rural parts of Africa that don't have access to grid electricity.  His job requires world wide travel to places like Uganda and China which can be fatiguing but it's worth the extra effort to bring light and power to those who are less fortunate to have it.

Ruben Campos | WPXI Chopper 11 Pilot

Ruben Campos, myjobthemesong12

A helicopter pilot for WPXI | Chopper 11 shows you his eagles eye perspective on the world below and oh what a great view his office has.

Tereneh Idia | Idia'Dega


 Tereneh, founder of Idia'Dega, loves gathering inspiration, constantly designing garments, jewelry, sleeves, skirts, pleats and etc in her head.  She works in collaboration with Maasai and Oneida First Nations women on apparel, accessories and jewelry.  Their goal is to create new design forms based on our different and shared heritage as African-American, Maasai and Oneida women.   She believes that, "within us contains the knowledge of sustainability and inclusion of our living family - humans, other animals, planets and more - that she feels is too often ignored".   As a writer she also tries to create a link to and give a voice to important perspectives not often heard.

DeAndre | UnEmployment

DeAndre Yarbrough

 When DeAndre won the #myjobthemesong GIVEAWAY he was currently searching for employment, but as a good sport he let me design a fun motivational song that helped him get through his turbulent time.  Dee is a Choreographer who  dances all over the city of Pittsburgh.  He is in the Army Reserves and loves having a great time with family and close friends.  He is goofy and is always down for a party who always is the life of the party.  DeAndre enjoys going to the gym and traveling when given the opportunity. 

Jordan Snowden | Music Journalist

Jordan Snowden, Pittsburgh City Paper, Music Journalist

 Jordan wakes up to music tuning out the woes of this world with her jams in her head-space.  As a music journalist at the Pittsburgh City Paper it seems to fit.  Her daily routine involves browsing social media to catch up on current events, she checks and answers her emails then turns off the music so that she could head to scheduled meetings and /or interview people for stories.  For the remainder of the day she writes or edits until it's time to head home.  One little quirk she has is her pet peeve of smelling someone else's food, click below to check out her theme song! 

Sharon Griffin | Baby Cuddler


Sharon volunteers at her local hospital as a professional baby cuddler.  She has a companion dog, Guy, at home who keeps her company when she is not working.  Between Guy and the babies at the hospital she shares her love, time and compassion.

Sean Armstrong | Tha Local Beat


Sean is a journalist who created a platform that highlights Pittsburgh's Local Music Scene and the culture, community, and conversations surrounding it.  Tha Local Beat, is a podcast where Sean interviews local musicians as he tears down the third wall to build better relationships with their fans and future fans. 

Check it out here: Tha Local Beat

Cynthia Battle | Community Outreach Specialist


Cynthia is a Community Outreach Specialist at Pittsburgh's Non-Profit Organization "Trying Together".   She brings families with very young children together, discussing quality books and activities and compare them to everyday situations.  Her goal is to help families, help their children to become life - long enthusiastic readers.

April | Balloon Forestry

April Davis, Balloon Forestry

April is the host of the soon to launch YouTube channel, "Balloon Forestry".  April is a quirky down to earth TV loving Broadway nerd | Comedian | Toddler Entertainer.  Her channel will be divided into 3 sections toddler entertainment videos which she will be practicing accents, dialects and voices while making funny faces.  The 2nd will have TV nostalgia videos where she will analyze cartoons that she watched as a child. The last section will be ASMR Book Reading with and without accents and voices.

Marcus | Burgh to the Beach


Marcus is the Co-founder and Co-editor of the lifestyle brand, "Burgh to the Beach".  Burgh to the Beach focuses on improving lifestyles, helping people get in-tune with their better selves to live life healthy, strong and full.  Their slogan goes as follows, "We Go East, West and everywhere in between."

Angel | Discipline Muscles


Angel is a crusader and a bad shut-yo-mouth!  She is the Chief Encouragement Officer at Discipline Muscles, which has a PodCast | Blog; Bad Girl Gone Good.  What keeps her going is the motivation to motivate and to inspire others to over come issues we all can relate to through positive reinforcement.  Her theme song expresses these exact traits as she encourages you to live a fun and energized life! #goals



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