Who Is KidZilla?


KidZilla is a project between two good friends, TomZilla (composer) and kidmental (vocalist). Both who met through a music making app called Uloops (later changed to Pocketband), were eager to fill a void of idol minds with eclectic veracity in the form of music. Forming the group to create what they considered as an epic hip hop sensation, each track felt more cohesive and it was well apparent that they were on to something great.

About Us


TomZilla (Thomas McEvoy), from Ireland but now residing in Japan started making music as a pastime. He was always fascinated by the adrenaline-filled drum cadences of The Prodigy, the sheer aggression of Rage Against The Machine and more recently the musical genius of Run The Jewels.  He took the opportunity to create something he loved and made it into something others would enjoy, crafting his skill using programs he came by through digital audio workstations on his phone.  Tom's heavy aggressive tracks and catchy melodic tunes help shape the background of KidZilla's eccentric catalogue.


kidmental (Jerome A. Jones, II), born and raised in Youngstown, OH, now from The Greater Area of Pittsburgh, PA always loved music whether it be Gospel, Country, Pop, R&B, or Hip Hop, he would be intrigued by the pure enjoyment of the music making process.  Listening to a various array of artists ranging from Andrew Jackson to Michael Jackson, "kid" would listen with eager anticipation to figure out the formula to such great song writing.  As he grew to become more of a lyricist and song writer, kidmental's poetry has exceeded the confines of the word "rap" and lays KidZilla's foreground with witty, Hip Hop inspired lyrics that add a unique flavor to the duo's dynamics.


Our third single, Politickin.  This video was fun to make, had to stitch it together from Japan to the USA.  Check it out!


Get kidmental's The Amateur

This was kidmental's first album done in 2006.  Not a studio album, hence the name, The Amateur, was created in his apartment (a house seperated by three floors).  It features music works from ortsed, drgoo and himself.  Within this download are unreleased/bonus tracks collected years after this album was released.

Blowin' Up [Dangerous]

Our Second Single!

Money Blues

Check out our first single, Money Blues.

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