Get kidmental's "The Amateur"


This was kidmental's first album done in 2006.  Not a studio album, hence the name, The Amateur, was created in his apartment (a house seperated by three floors).  It features music works from ortsed, drgoo and himself.  Within this download are unreleased/bonus tracks collected years after this album was released.


kidmental is an impromptu live looping beatbox artist from Pittsburgh.   He is a producer, mouth percussionist, singer-song writer and Emcee with credits to TRAF, Redfish Bowl, All-Scene and Phillter Fest.  As a lyricist, kidmental has written theme songs for KDKA's Heather Abraham, WPXI's Chopper 11 pilot Ruben Campos, Pittsburgh Hurling Pucas and Pittsburgh alt news media source Pittsburgh Current along with a plethora of others.  You can catch him as a musical guest on three-time Pittsburgh Comedian of the Year, Aaron Kleiber's podcast Grown Dad Business or beatboxing vocal drops on Chicago's only black nerd culture BlurdDot Radio.  


This is a Mommy song created for Abigail, mother of three.   Abby loves being there for her children because she can enjoy the good and even though there may be bad times, she feels that there is nothing that can replace being there for them.  If there was one thing she could choose not do as a mother it would be making dinner. 


This theme song was created for Heather Abraham, host of Pittsburgh Today Live (PTL) and news anchor for CBS Pittsburgh's KDKA.  It's a pretty hectic schedule that starts at 2:38 a.m., she's up and preparing the news before we even think about breakfast.  


This is a theme song made for Angel the founder of Discipline Muscles.  She is the Chief Encouragement Officer, here to help people make healthy choices and positive lifestyles.  One thing she isn't very fond of is the fitness industry that promotes bikini bodies and 6 pack abs over a healthy lifestyle.